VEGEBE, a modern professional association for vegetable processing and trade in industrial vegetables.

Partly as a result of the merger in 1998 of VGB and VIGEX, VEGEBE has developed into a fully-fledged professional federation for the sector that takes the leading role in various fields within the vegetable sector.

Cooperation with FVPhouse

VEGEBE has set up, together with Belgapom, the federation for the potato trade and processing sectors, and Fresh Trade Belgium, the federation of the wholesalers in fresh fruit and vegetables, the non profit association FVPhouse. FVPhouse organises the secretariat services of the three associations through a common backoffice, as well as the training courses and the activities of Young FVPhouse, an initative to gather the young staff members of the companies, active in the sector.

VEGEBE in the network of Belgian and European federations

VEGEBE is a member of Fevia, the Belgian federation for the food industry. In addition, VEGEBE is also a co-founder of OVPG (consultation platform for the trade in and processing of vegetable raw materials) together with the agricultural organisations of Vegaplan, the management body of Vegaplan standard for the primary production plants and vegetable products.

Since an increasing number of dossiers occur at European level, VEGEBE also took the initiative to within the PROFEL (European Federation for the Vegetable and Fruit Processing Industry) set up a sector group for frozen vegetables. Since than also the collaboration with the canning sector has been set up. In this way there is also a direct sector link to the FoodDrinkEurope (European Federation for the Food Industry).


Vegebe offers also a number of services to companies, commencing by the weekly 'market information', but also common projects, information and databases on food and plant safety as well as trainings (in collaboration with FVPhouse).

Finally also services concerning promotion are offered.